Southern California has always been home.  Together with my husband we are raising our four kids and watching them grow up is about the best job I could ask for.

I’ve had a love affair with photography for as long as I can remember. I remember being really little and l loved to sit and look at my grandparents old black and white photographs and flip through National Geographics. In high school I took my first photography class and was hooked right away. I loved film, developing, the smell of the dark room (weird but true), all of it.

If you want images that capture your family in a raw, honest, and simple way, nothing staged, no over the top props, no matching clothes… nothing but beautiful loving Y-O-U, then I’m the photographer for your family! My ideal family sessions capture the in-between moments, the jokes, the tears, the every day. I believe in capturing true authentic moments, real life,  and the intimate stories that show the connection between you and your loved ones.  I have a strong passion for the legacy that a photograph can leave behind and freezing time in a photograph that will tell a story for generations.  

I believe in kindness and grace, road trips and camping.  I believe that music can heal, and that laughter (and sometimes tears) is therapy.